Menagerié is a Lingerie Brand That Exclusively Caters to Men

 - Jul 28, 2016
References: bymenagerie & refinery29
Menagerié is breaking down gender stereotypes by designing lingerie that is exclusively meant for men. While there are plenty of brands making beautiful and delicate undergarments for women, there are no companies doing the same for male consumers. This brand is looking to challenge the status quo by designing stylish intimates and loungewear for men.

Menagerié was founded by a man named Roman Sipe, who wanted to "bring more adornment and beauty to men's fashion, but still remind people that it is a brand for men." As a result, Sipe's company began creating intricate undergarments that are aesthetically beautiful, yet still preserve the wearer's masculinity. The brand even has a range of different styles and cuts to cater to different customer preferences -- an approach that female lingerie brands have been using for years.

Menagerié not only signals changing views about lingerie and intimates, but it also reflects a wider move away from strict gender categorization in fashion.