Sushi Chain Sushiro is Now Serving Floats in Halved Melon Bowls

For a limited time, sushi chain Sushiro is now offering a 'Wholly Edible Melon Soda,' (formally known as the 'Marugoto Taberu Melon Soda') that is served in a melon bowl.

Half of a melon is filled with vanilla ice cream and soda-flavored shaved ice that's topped with soda-flavored syrup and popping candies. As the name suggests, the interior of the melon is fully edible as well, which should pair well with the ingredients that make up the refreshing hybrid drink and dessert.

The sweet and creamy melon dish will appeal to patrons who are looking for a novelty menu item that features a lot of fresh fruit. Since this is one new item that's being sold at this conveyor belt sushi restaurant, it's a light option that doesn't conflict with eating a sizeable meal.