Megan Fox Leaked Photos From Jonah Hex Set Show Her 18” Waist

 - Jun 15, 2009
Let’s face it, Megan Fox could wear a paper bag and people would notice, but when Megan Fox leaked photos from the ‘Jonah Hex’ set came out, even more people noticed.

The Megan Fox leaked photos show the star in a cut-away skirt that shows lots of leg, and a tight corset that took Megan Foxs usually 22-inch-waist to a 18-inch-waist. The Megan Fox pictures are for her new Western movie, but are sure to start some new styles, though I hope women don’t start rocking corsets again as a result.

Check out the Megan Fox leaked photos from the Jonah Hex set, as well as some other pretty pictures of the star.