The Momotan Aged Meat Flavored Snacks Taste Like Month-Old Meat

 - Aug 5, 2015
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As unappealing as it might sound to nosh on month-old meat, Momotan recently created a new meat cake snack with just this flavor.

The Momotan Aged Meat Flavored snacks take the form of a traditional Japanese sweet called "manju," which have a cake-like coating on the outside and a bean paste filling on the inside. However, rather than being satisfied with the taste of cake or a sweet bean paste, this bite-sized snack promises to appeal to all meat lovers with the taste that truly mimics month-old meat.

As far as what gives this unusual snack its flavor, Momotan uses beef extract, chili peppers and a spicy fermented Korean pepper paste that's better known as "gochujang."