Elizabeth Ryan’s Mead-Making Kit Satisfies Your Thirst and Sweet Tooth

 - Apr 8, 2013
References: williams-sonoma
Even the most seasoned wine enthusiast will tell you that the actual process of making wine, a traditionally grape-based beverage, can be a messy and tiring ordeal but thanks to old fashioned cider makers like Elizabeth Ryan, wine lovers will be able to rejoice in the sweet simplicity of Ryan’s homemade wine made made with this awesome DIY mead-making kit.

Mead is one of the world’s oldest fermented drinks, and this tasty concoction sees its makers harvesting the sugary sweet taste of natural honey in order to make this golden, low-alcohol blend.

One of the greatest things about Elizabeth Ryan’s mead-making kit is that unlike the steps involved in the creation of your own grape-based wine that tends takes up a considerable amount of space and lots of energy, this kit only calls for a one gallon glass fermentation jug. By making this process so easily contained and stress free, Elizabeth Ryan’s mead-making kit is sure to convert some life long wine connoisseurs into cider lovers overnight.