The 'Eat Me' Sculpture Encourages Visitors to Consume It

 - Jun 7, 2013
References: three-studio & mymodernmet
A group of artists called 'three' created an 'Eat Me' sculpture and then encouraged visitors to walk up and eat it. The installation was made of candy hanging from the ceiling arranged in the shape of a house. As visitors ate the candy, the house slowly disintegrated into nothing. Spectators were then told to deposit the candy wrappers in a designated corner. As the house was destroyed, the pile of garbage built up.

The extremely insightful sculpture was built to symbolize the destruction from the natural disasters that hit and desolated Japan. Specifically, 'three' was referencing the earthquake and tsunami that ravaged Fukushima. Just as the natural disasters turned homes into rubble, visitors turned the candy house into a sad pile of wrappers piled up in a corner.