New Maurizio Cattelan Work Features Death and Decay

The newest Maurizio Cattelan art, created for Paris's Galerie Perrontin, is unforgettable. Using a variety of mediums, including sculpture, painting and photography, Cattelan produced several three-dimensional, life-sized creations depicting the eerie, unsettling and decayed.

Several of Cattelan’s creations are actually created from the taxidermied remains of animals, such as his rearing horse and ostrich. By using actual remains of animals as his materials, Cattelan created uncannily realistic animal "sculptures" that look simultaneously alive and dead, giving the viewer the uneasy feeling of looking at something that they cannot categorize.

Cattelan’s human sculptures are life-sized wax effigies and often show people as dead or dying. For instance, one of his works depicts the pope being crushed under a boulder, while another shows an old woman huddling inside a refrigerator.

Cattelan’s ability to make such hyper-realistic structures combined with his love of the macabre makes his creations both unsettling and awesome.