'Man at Arms: Reforged' Crafted a Sword Based on the 'Overwatch' Game

 - Nov 30, 2016
References: youtube & digitaltrends
'Man at Arms: Reforged,' a popular YouTube series centered around blacksmiths building crazy armor and weaponry, has recently created a real-life version of the sword from a character in the video game 'Overwatch.' The entire build, which is detailed in a video released through the 'AWE me' YouTube channel, includes Genji's (one of the combat game's characters) sword and the throwing stars.

Part of the challenge of building Genji's sword was adhering to the effects in the video game. Considering that Genji exists in the fantasy world of a video game, the appearance of his weapon need not be tied to reality. As such, his sword, an odachi, has a glowing green light along the entirety of the blade.

To mimic this effect, Man at Arms: Reforged's blacksmiths added a hidden strip of LEDs under a gap between two segments of the blade.