Buff Diss Creates Intricate Street Art Out of an Unlikely Material

 - Jun 21, 2015
References: buffdiss & mymodernmet
Some street artists use spray paint, others use a more atypical material; these masking tape murals clearly fall into the latter category. Buff Diss is an Australian artist that has been honing this particular skill for years. Continuing to build on his previous masking tape murals, he decorates everything from crumbling walls to the sides of old buildings, and even asphalt roads.

Although clearly masterpieces, what makes these masking tape murals so special is their transient nature. Although they could theoretically last for years, they are more often than not found removed the next day by city officials or curious bystanders. Yet that forces both the artist and his audience to appreciate them even more, especially in photographic form where they can live on forever.