Marmoreal by Max Lamb is an Eco-Friendly Material Made from Discarded Marble

 - Oct 19, 2015
References: dzekdzekdzek & dzekdzekdzek
Redecorating your home and utilizing natural stone like marble is notoriously harsh on the environment and encourages further land degradation, which is something taken into account with Marmoreal by Max Lamb, which uses discarded chunks of marble to create something new. The inherently speckled look of the Marmoreal by Max Lamb marble is one of its best qualities and will no doubt have admirers thinking it's a rare cut found only in exotic locations. The reality, however, is that Marmoreal by Max Lamb is created using old chunks of marble that have been mixed with a polyester resin binder; the final product is mostly natural with a composition of 95% recycled marble and 5% binder.

Beautifully designed by the British designer, Marmoreal by Max Lamb ("marmoreal" translates to "like marble") is a step in the right direction for those looking to update their kitchens and bathrooms in a more sustainable way.