Mark Menjivar Uses Photos of Refrigerators as Insightful Cultural Study

 - Nov 21, 2009
References: 20x200 & markmenjivar
What if Mark Menjivar came up to you right now and asked if he could take a picture of what’s inside your refrigerator? What would he find? Fresh foods, take-out containers, beer, soda, juice or barely anything?

The contents of your refrigerator say a lot about your lifestyle, what you eat or drink, your cooking ability, and possibly your socioeconomic status. Mark Menjivar, a photographer who lives in San Antonio, Texas, traveled the United States for three years asking random people if he could take a picture of what was inside their refrigerators.

Mark Menjivar’s photographs reveal a lot about his subjects, from the disarray of styrofoam containers of a bartender who works nights to the neatly piled up fresh vegetables of a midwife who decided to eat locally grown produce.

So, if you are what you eat, what’s inside your refrigerator?