Marin Dearie ‘Shades of Change’ is Informational

 - Jun 16, 2012
References: marindearie & designtaxi
The Marin Dearie 'Shades of Change' Series is a great way to be visually informed. Created by the New Orleans artist Marin Dearie, the project examines the color-changing nature of objects. Drawing inspiration from nature to popular culture and even biology, this chart shows the transformative power of color.

With the series examining things from Michael Jackson's skin, a smoker's lungs, tea brewing, and even Lil' Kim's hair.

Each design followed by a fact of why the object has experienced this change in color. For example the octupus's ink, the fact that follows is that, "when threatened, octopuses will release a cloud of dark in, giving them enough time to escape and camouflage from predators."