The Marie Claire May 2014 Editorial Features Katja Krivorota

The Marie Claire May 2014 editorial titled, 'Heat Rising' features model Katja Krivorota decked out in flamboyant ensembles all while frolicking along the beach.

Straying away from the more minimalist, and contemporary beachwear editorials, the Marie Claire May 2014 spread takes summer clothing to a whole other level by showcasing more extreme, and colorful versions of traditional beach clothing. Showcasing model Katja Krivorota in leather jackets and tightly fitted ensembles that have been accentuated with sequins, geometric patterns and neon colors, the Marie Claire editorial will definitely have readers feeling excited for the summer sun.

Utilizing flamboyant colors and patterns to add visual excitement to traditional beachwear, the Marie Claire May 2014 editorial showcases how fun in the sun can still be fashionably forward.