Marcus Blatterman's Pixel Art Series is Based on Greek Mythology

 - Oct 18, 2016
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What's most impressive about German artist Marcus Blatterman's series of Greek mythological artworks isn't the intricate knowledge of the stories themselves, but how he uses technology to tell those stories within a relatively static and simple form. Marcus Blatterman's pictures comprise both color and black and white drawings, but as a user moves their cursor across the screen, the pixelated artworks change their scale, shifting to represent changes in the stories.

Telling stories through drawings is one of the original ways that the ancient Greeks relayed their myths, so Blatterman is really just modernizing that ancient technique. But, while the ancients would have to draw multiple images to convey the plot points in the story, Blatterman's work cleverly changes as it scales. For instance, the drawing of Zeus transforms into different animals as users move their cursors, illustrating Zeus' propensity for transmogrification in a single image.