The Floating Manhole Cover Releases to Drain Floodwaters

 - Oct 27, 2016
References: yankodesign
The Floating Manhole Covers are designed to help aid the process of draining floodwaters from a metropolitan area to help effectively double the amount of water that can be drained.

Manholes that are covered do little to help drain water in any situation, so the Floating Manhole Cover features a design that allows it to shift when water levels rise. The Floating Manhole Cover sits firmly in place to ensure safety during the day-to-day, but features a buoyant design that will float to allow water to empty into the sewer. This helps to increase the amount of water that can be drained exponentially during times of flooding and intense rainstorms.

The Floating Manhole Covers are the design work of Leijing Zhou, Chunan Liao, Meng Chai and Muchuan Wang.