This Mall Santa Does Not Wear Traditional Christmas Garb

 - Dec 8, 2015
References: laughingsquid & bustle
Portland's Pioneer Place shopping mall in running a new campaign with a non-traditional mall Santa. Recently a mall in Toronto made waves for hosting a fashion-forward Kris Kringle. Now it seems that other malls are following suit with unconventional Santas of their own.

The Pioneer Place shopping mall is giving visitors the opportunity to take a photo with its hipster Santa. Unlike a traditional mall Santa, the Pioneer Place Claus has swapped traditional Christmas garb for hipster-like attire. As many shoppers have noticed, the non-traditional Santa seems to prefer rugged sweaters, high-top shoes and cuffed jeans. The hipster Santa even sports a man bun and thick-rimmed glasses for good measure.

Although the Pioneer Place Claus is still shrouded in mystery, mall visitors seem to be enjoying the unorthodox take on Kris Kringle.