Pecs & Posteriors for Posterity

 - Sep 4, 2008
References: vikingtorso
Some guys work really hard on their bodies and know all too well that one day their Apollonian beauty will fade.  So a new cottage industry has emerged to preserve their perfect male torsos.  It’s called body casting.

Companies like Viking Torso in Los Angeles will cast you for about $175.  All you have to do is get completely shaved down, slathered in liquid rubber, and then coated in plaster.  The whole process takes about 90 minutes, and the result is a light-weight sculpture that, I guess, you hang on the wall.

They will also cast your back side if you feel that you’ve got the assets to show.  If you don’t, you can still buy one of another, more well appointed, male figure.

This is part of a trend on self-made body art.  Also see my post on pregnant belly art.