Molly Cosmetics' 'SILISPONGE' is an Easy-to-Clean Makeup Blender

 - Nov 30, 2016
References: mollycosmeticsshop & hellogiggles
In the past few years, sponge applicators have become must-have makeup blenders for both women and professional makeup artists who desire flawless applications. Some of the problems with these reusable sponges is that they absorb a lot of a liquid cosmetic and need to be frequently washed for hygienic purposes.

'SILISPONGE' is the name of a new kind of makeup blender from Molly Cosmetics that is made with just Silicone—as such, the soft, squishy pad resembles something like a padded bra insert or an implant.

The SILISPONGE improves upon some of the issues that cosmetic consumers face when it comes to the use of a sponge applicator. SILISPONGE doesn't absorb any product, which means that a consumer is able to waste less, and it is exceptionally easy to keep clean.