The Makeba by Jain Visuals are Shot by Parisian studio Paul&Martin

 - May 2, 2016
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Music can be as interpretable as images -- a fact that is embodied in the album art for Makeba by Jain, a French singer represented by Sony Music. Inspired by the meaning of 'jain,' which refers to an ancient Indian religion that prescribes the path of non-violence towards all living beings, the images cross modern imagery with divine ones.

Conceived and executed by Parisian studio Paul&Martin, the album art for Makeba by Jain is not only surreal, but full of bright colors as well. With a focus on yellows and blues, the singer herself pops out in a simple black dress. Granted, people would be arrested by her multiple arms and legs as well. It's interesting to see art perpetuate art in this way -- even if it is a natural concept.