MajorityRules Isn't About Getting the Right Answer

 - Jun 18, 2018
References: majorityrulesapp & producthunt
Trivia games are usually centered around users guessing the correct answer to a given question, but with MajorityRules, what's right is inconsequential. The creative quiz game instead tasks users with picking the option that other users would be most likely to select, making it a game of popular mind-reading rather than concrete knowledge.

MajorityRules has a similar structure to the hugely popular HQ Trivia app. It is a live game that's hosted a few times a day, and it has a live host as well. The difference is in the style of questions. The app's questions are all open-ended: "Name a popular snack at a movie theater", for example. Users who type in the answer that the most other users entered, like "popcorn", will gain a point, and any users who get the top answer on all ten questions win the daily prize.