Maiko Kobayashi Paints a Series of Depressed Bunnies

 - Dec 28, 2011
References: lmd-art & sweet-station
The juxtaposition between the cutesy look of these bunnies and the sad expressions on their faces really makes these Maiko Kobayashi paintings extremely captivating. After all, viewers can’t help but try to uncover why such aesthetically joyous creatures can be so upset that they’re on the verge of tears. Adding to the oddity is the fact that Kobayashi has given these rabbits human-like qualities in their poses. The enigmatic nature of the paintings is so profound that it keeps audiences coming back to this brilliant Japanese artist’s work.

Maiko Kobayashi currently resides in Tokyo, though she learned her craft abroad in Newcastle, England. Even while in school, she was turning heads with her work and even earned the highest honors awarded to students of the University of Northumbria, where she studied.