The Madame Air France August/September 2013 Issue Toys with Metallic

Titled ‘Downtown,’ this Madame Air France August/September 2013 editorial plays with the idea of street style in the most practical of settings: public transportation.

The urbane set of this fashion story is familiar to most city-dwelling individuals. It is interesting to see the juxtaposition of the subterranean with the glamour of pieces by ultra-luxe fashion houses such as Prada, Céline, Chanel and Elie Saab. The collaborative effort of stylist Virginie Dhello and photographer Sonia Sieff excels in creating a visual spectacle.

Model Diana Moldovan plays the idealized urbane girl donning the the autumnal season’s sequins, knits and leather accents in metallic hues that would surely appeal to downtown damsels. This Madame Air France August/September 2013 can serve as inspiration to downtown damsels looking to make a statement with autumn’s sartorial heavy metal.