The MacArthur Annex is Built Out of Used Shipping Containers

 - Sep 15, 2017
References: archdaily
The MacArthur Annex is a small public meeting space in Oakland, California, one among dozens if not hundreds. But what separates the MacArthur Annex from other public space in the area is that the complex is built using robotic principles. According to Baran Studio Architecture, the office behind the building, it is a study in "how architecture might be modified over time and in varied spatial circumstances."

The annex is built out of used shipping containers, a practice that Baran Studio earnest and humbly compares to Marcel Duchamp's ready-mades. Regardless of the comparison, the building's container units can be adapted to fit the needs of any community event, shapeshifting as necessity dictates.

Placed at the side of a freeway, the MacArthur Annex is indeed a publicly accessible space.