The Mac Box Furniture is Comfortably Eco-Friendly

 - Aug 6, 2011
References: neatorama
As much as technology can make our lives significantly easier, sometimes the packaging that it comes ends up inconveniencing our lives and the world we live in even more -- unless, of course, you decided to build some Mac Box Furniture. In that case, the technology and its packaging will make your life easier, more eco-friendly and economically efficient. Granted, o make couches and armchairs the size of these Mac Box Furniture pieces, you would have to spend about $12,000 (if you purchased the computers that once resided in them as well).

Created by Nick McBride and colleagues from Juniata College, the Mac Box Furniture can seat about two to three people. To hold the weight, they kept the internal foam pieces to reinforce the seating. There are even built-in cup holders.