This Video Featuring Tom Mabe Shows the Comedian Playing Hospital Pranks

 - Dec 11, 2013
References: youtube & laughingsquid
When a close friend of YouTube comedian Tom Mabe and Jim Clark had repeatedly gotten over five DUIs, Mabe and Clark decided to take the necessary action to get their friend to stop drinking and hopefully, to prevent him from getting any future DUIs. The duo pranked their friend by converting an empty office space into a hospital room when they found out their friend had been passed out drunk in his truck. They managed to convince him that he'd been in a coma for over ten years due to a driving accident that landed him in the supposed hospital.

In the video, the groggy friend wakes up disoriented and confused. A nurse comes in shocked that he is awake and continues to tell him that it is now the year 2023. Tom, disguised as the doctor, explains his friend's false situation further and gives him a huge slap in the face, revealing his identity and lecturing him about the deathly consequences of drinking and driving.