The Lynx Excite 'My Angel Girlfriend' Ad Shows Downfall of the Divine

 - Oct 6, 2011
References: lynxeffect & ibelieveinadv
If you weren't aware that the effect of certain deodorants can cause angelic women to literally fall from the skies, then take a look at the Lynx Excite 'My Angel Girlfriend' advertisement.

The minute-long version shows the plight of a poor fellow who used Lynx Excite body spray, gained a supermodel-esque angel girlfriend and now has to deal with the various dilemmas her perfect spiritual-being status brings.

The advertisement shows the clumsy ways of the cherubic chick, like her lighting cars on fire with her halo, dropping feathers in food and knocking over unsuspecting patrons with her wild wingspan.

The Lynx Excite 'My Angel Girlfriend' commercial is a hilarious depiction that suggests divine intervention could end up as a dating disaster.