Luis Teixeira Depicts Subjects Slumbering with Unique Rendering Style

 - Jun 12, 2012
References: visualkontakt & winterteeth.tumblr
People often don’t like seeing pictures of themselves while they’re asleep, but I’m sure most will make an exception if Luis Teixeira is involved. Seen here are his surreal paintings of people deeply immersed in slumber. Teixeira captures subjects of all ages from complex angles to deliver dynamic perspectives, and that isn’t even the most impressive thing about this stellar sleep-inspired series.

Viewers will no doubt notice Luis Teixeira’s abstract rendering style that looks as though watercolors seemingly got out of hand and started bleeding into sections they don't belong in, producing a splotchy and streaky effect. The watercolors overlap one another so much in fact that, from a distance, you may mistake Teixeira’s work as a garbled mess. Being able to control such a chaotic painting style to produce realistic depictions speaks volumes of Teixeira’s true talent.