'Loud Shadows' is a Joint Artistic Space with a Unique Layout

 - Jun 14, 2017
References: plastique-fantastique.de & archdaily
When artists from different media come together on a joint creative project, anything similar to 'Loud Shadows' would be welcomed result. The performance space, which is tucked into the forest of Terchelling, The Netherlands, features a truly unique layout that consists primarily of heavy duty, transparent vinyl bubbles and a ringed tube made of tarpaulin.

Loud Shadows was designed by specialist architecture studio Plastique Fantastique, which came up with the concept as a whole. It features a white, hollow ring around which occupants can walk and two giant bubbles on opposite ends of the ring. These bubbles house the performances themselves, which are music and dance shows by Kate Moore, The Stolz, and LeineRoebana studio.

Though Loud Shadows is ostentatiously unnatural in appearance, it seamlessly merges with the natural environment. For instance, the bubbles were built around some of the tall trees that occupy the area.