The 'Lone Signal' Platform Lets You Send Texts or Pictures to Outer Space

 - Jun 16, 2013
References: fastcoexist
If you've ever wanted to make contact with our future extraterrestrial overlords, you can now thanks to Lone Signal. The recently founded startup rented out a massive satellite receiver so that you can send messages out into the great dark expanse of space. Using Lone Signal, users can send out SMS messages or image files. While the company doesn't guarantee that anyone or anything will receive it, it's still an exciting opportunity to potentially send a message to other lifeforms.

Lone Signal is headed by the co-founder of Rockstar Games as well as Greg Kadel and Pierre Fabre. The enterprising founders connected with the owners of the Jamesburg Earth Station in order to gain access to the satellite.

Lone Signal plans to send out two signals at all times. One of them will be constantly sending out a greeting while the second will send out messages that users choose.