Terminal 5

 - Feb 14, 2008
References: terminal5.ba & flickr
Airports are a huge part of a city or country's pride, as it is often the first impression visitors have of the location. Chances are, if you've done quite a bit of traveling, you've gone through London's Heathrow Airport. It's one of the world's most popular destinations, as well as being a location of millions of stop overs and transfers.

British Airways has made a commitment to making T5 an exciting landmark in both aviation and design history. We already featured the Troika, as seen in the video above and trend embedded below, but this is only one of many innovations coming to the airport.

As a result of the high levels of traffic, Heathrow has worked on development in Terminal 5 to make it one of the world's most magnificent terminals; the structure is already the largest free standing building in the UK, and now it will have the splendid design and technological elements to properly reflect its impressive nature.

"Terminal 5 is going to be a complete revolution for anyone moving from and to London," a company insider says. "It has been studied to resolve some typical problems that Heathrow airport always had, such as queues, ages waiting for baggage. But, most of all, it will reduce stress."

Unique features will include efficient check in desks, premium lounges, art shows, Kidszones featuring toys and computers for young travellers and a range of areas which focus on environmentally friendliness.

Stay tuned for updates as progress on T5 is made.

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