The Loducca Peugeot Airbag Print Ad is Explosive

The Loducca Peugeot Airbag ads are the first-ever exploding prints to promote the newest in car safety. To promote Peugeot 408's six airbags, the Loducca agency came up with this interactive, page-pounding ad.

By smashing the cover of a page with a picture of a Peugeot 408, a tiny airbag opens up on the next page displaying the inside of the car. This interactive stunt may be costly, but it certainly sets the record for placing airbags inside a magazine. Loducca placed the ad in 50,000 business magazines titled 'Exame' with the hope of sending the message that Peugeot has consumer safety in mind. Either way, the Loducca Peugeot Airbag interactive print ad is the first of its kind to hit the stands.