The Custom Lobster Roll Motorcycle is Crafted to Total Undersea Perfection

 - Oct 16, 2015
References: globalnews & likecool
I won't try and pretend that I've always shown an interest in motorcycles because I haven't until now; meet the Lobster Roll Motorcycle, which is gorgeously and hilariously outfitted with leather accessories to make it look like a giant lobster. Costing $6,000 to complete that doesn't even include the bike itself, the Lobster Roll Motorcycle was created by New Brunswick leather artisan Timothee "Timo" Richard who was commissioned by a Shediac lobster shop proprietor to create the crustacean-inspired ride.

The Lobster Roll Motorcycle has a custom Buell Blast 500cc motorcycle underneath its lobster exterior that makes this crustacean able to perform as well as it looks, although it's questionable just how much speed you'll be able to gain on the open road.