Aeroform Homes

 - Nov 27, 2007
References: bldgblog.blogspot
No one could get bored of this architectural concept -- it's a home on a billboard! The rectangular Aeroform pod capsule situated behind the roadside advertisement makes use of potential living above ground.

The Aeroform was designed by Brendan O'Grady who won in the Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition.

"The form of the structure is directly influenced by its location and program. The shell, which reflects its context of the highway and the automobile, is streamlined on the exterior for optimal aerodynamic and climatic performance," the description said. "The name Aeroform is derived from the term aerofoil, which is a structure having a shape that provides stability, or directional control in a flying object. "

If your intentions are to be eco-friendly, you probably aren't the type to be very tolerant of toxic fumes and emissions from the road. The concept is neat nonetheless!