The Extended Hands of the Lithe Clock Create Fluid Movement

 - Dec 27, 2012
References: litheclock & kickstarter
Aiming to present the concept of time in a new way, the Lithe Clock is constructed to show the beauty of time as it passes.

Created by Studio Ve in Tel Aviv, Israel, this timepiece consists of a soothingly mellow base that is perfectly round and neutral, yet boasts two extremely long and dainty hands. Made out of powder coated metal, the clock hands are longer than your arm, making a dramatic statement as they swoop around the clock's surface. As they travel through time and space, the metal hands dip and sway as gravity exerts its effect on them, causing them to arch and bend gracefully, making it seem as though they are dancing as they move.

The Lithe Clock does not passively show time, rather its hands flow through time.