List of Weird Phobias Ventures Into Rarer Causes for Deathly Frights

 - Dec 15, 2012
Spiders, heights and clowns are some of the most common and well-known phobias, but what about the lesser known but equally strange fears people experience, like the ones in this list of weird phobias?

Though slightly strange, there is nothing wrong with admitting the fact that one is a podophobic, someone who is afraid of feet. A seleophobic, one who is afraid of the moon, pedophobia, the fear of children, or even an ephebiphoic, someone who is afraid of teenagers. Though some may claim that these fears are unnatural and superficial, who's to say that a fear of snakes or mirrors is not either?

Regardless of what the seemingly ridiculous fear is, the list of weird phobias definitely covers the triggers to the hyper-realistic frights.