The Rocking Whiskey Glass from Cool Material Will Slosh Your Drink

 - Feb 8, 2013
References: shop.coolmaterial
Thanks to a clever pivot at the bottom, these liquor cups will slosh your whiskey for you.

With the latest influx of hand occupiers, like cell phones and video game controllers, it isn’t as easy for a gentleman to rock their whiskey as it was in the days of old—there just aren’t enough free hands. Enter the Rocking Whiskey Glass from Cool Material. This classy glass will rock that whiskey for you like your own personal bartender.

The liquor cups also come with the guarantee that the rocking will never get out of control enough to cause any spilling. This is handy because, as any Whiskey drinker will attest, it gets harder not to spill as those stiff drinks start to flow.