Apprehend Cosmetic Ventures Leading the Beauty Realm

 - Mar 31, 2012
References: trendreports
The beauty industry has done a striking overhaul of lip care collections. Run of the mill rouges and neutral-toned lip lacquers are being replaced by embossed, metallic and even fluorescent designs. Those who covet cosmetics often crave the unusual, desirous of an appearance that will strike onlookers and leave a lasting impression. Extravagance is no longer relegated to the fashion world, but has rather come to characterize the beauty realm as well. This translation has been followed in the Lipstick Trend Report, revealing over 80 patterned PRO Trends and 688 associated glam-chic creations.

The common focus with the female lip region has spurred some groundbreaking ideas. Glow-in-the-dark lip shades have been manufactured, along with snake venom-infused glosses. Women from around the world are trying to capture the most progressive looks, and both large and small-scale brands have responded accordingly. These timely responses have instigated the Neon Mode and Beneficial Beauty motifs, only some of the archetypes covered in the Lipstick Trend Report.