Limited Edition Clothing by Lisa Perry and Jeff Koons is Artsy

Limited Edition Clothing by Lisa Perry and Jeff Koons combines the creativity of a fashion designer with the innovation of a contemporary artist. This recent collaborative effort incorporates clothing artist Jeff Koons’s most well-known artworks and installations into the pieces. These artwork-inspired articles are carefully styled by the other half of this creative fashion and lifestyle brand Lisa Perry.

The exact artwork that inspired the creation of these outfits is shown alongside each piece of the collection, so you can see the transformation from art to clothing. The collection’s Pink Panther Dress gained inspiration from Koons’s Pink Panther sculpture, the Bunny Jacket from his stainless steel Rabbit installation and the Yellow and Monkey Train Dress was inspired by Koons’s Monkey Train illustration.

These wearable artworks are currently on display and available for purchase at Lisa Perry’s New York Boutique. Koons’s clothing collaboration are just as exorbitantly expensive as his art pieces, with his dresses starting at $2,195 and bangles at $295; like the art, however, the clothing is worth every penny.