AirLegs by Jason Kerestes is Meant to Help People Run 10% Easier

 - Sep 11, 2014
References: jasonkerestes & neatorama
Although running is great for blood circulation, cardio and so much more, it can be an activity that is really hard on the body; but this lightweight exoskeleton could make all the difference. Dubbed AirLegs, the lightweight exoskeleton boasts a relatively compact design that is meant to decrease "the metabolic cost of walking and running by about 10% versus not wearing the machine," reports Neatorama.

Designed by Jason Kerestes, a graduate student at Arizona State University, the lightweight exoskeleton is built to be worn on the back and is equipped with pulling on straps located just below the knee and on the shoes. Tested at the Army Research Laboratories, "it is the only device known to the US Army to oficially augment the human running gait cycle," according to the designer.