The 'Dot Watch' is a Light Watch That Tells Time Through Touch

The original 'Dot Watch' brought about a new way for the visually impaired to tell time, and the latest iteration looks to continue this legacy with a light watch that's more dynamic than ever.

Priced at $290, the 'Dot Watch' is crafted from 6,000 series aluminum, which enables the watch to weigh just 33-grams. The dynamic smartwatch displays braille numbers that react according to the time of day. This makes the timepiece a stylish yet useful piece of technology that can enable the visually impaired to partake in the simple act of keeping time on one's wrist.

The light watch features a fashionable yet comfortable leather band in one of three color options (black, white or tan) and can connect wirelessly to smartphones that are running either iOS or Android. The 'Dot Watch' is set to be available soon with preorders currently being taken.