'Quotacy' Simplifies the Process of Getting a Life Insurance Quote

 - Mar 2, 2016
References: quotacy & modestmoney
'Quotacy' is one of the few life insurance agencies that has figured out a way to offer life insurance quotes in a way that's attractive to Millennial consumers.

Using Quotacy is quick and instantly gratifying, with no name, phone number or email address needed to use the company's assessment tool. After filling in some basic information on age, location and gender, users are able to "see their quote differently," in terms that are more relevant to them, such as how much money dependents need to live on, or how much debt needs to be paid off. The tool also takes into account health personalized factors such as weight, height, family history and tobacco usage.

While younger Millennials who are still receiving financial aid from their parents are not likely shopping for life insurance quotes, Quotacy does appeal to an older group of Millennials who are now beginning to buy houses, get married and have children.