The Lexus NXB Mountain Shows the Future of Mountain Biking

 - Nov 26, 2013
References: lexus & gizmag
The Lexus NXB Mountain Bike proves that cars aren't the only thing the Japanese automaker is into. The NXB (Neo Extreme Bike) is a one-off concept unlike any other mountain bike around. For starters, it has two hand grips that look startlingly like horns. It also doesn't have handlebars, opting instead for two sets of independent hand grips, the aforementioned vertical grips and a set of horizontal ones.

What makes the Lexus NXB Mountain Bike a rarity is that its frame was created using the company's LFA Works three-dimensional braider. There are only two braiding machines in existence, and both were used to create the recently discontinued LFA supercar. Lexus has no plans to offer the NXB Mountain Bike for sale, so gearheads/cyclists will have to look longingly at it and wonder "what if" for the time being.