These Lemon School Print Ads are Cute and Comical

 - May 18, 2011
References: & adsoftheworld
When you think of adult education school ads, you probably have a boring picture in your head, but these Lemon School print ads are far from boring. These May 2011 print ads created by Brazillian ad agency OpusMúltipla will definitely get you thinking.

The Lemon School print ads are clever in their use of adult characters who find themselves in unusual predicaments. Three ads are featured in the series: giraffe, cat and turtle. In each of the ads, an adult male is attempting to be one of these animals—and it's not working out so well!

The Lemon School print ads include the caption "don’t waste your creativity," which reinforces the imagery shown in the ads.  If you find yourself trying to fit into a turtle’s shell or trying to make a cat levitate, you should probably check out the Lemon School!