This Jar of Lemon Curd from Harvey Nichols is Packaged as 'Human Snot'

 - Oct 16, 2015
References: harveynichols & telegraph
While there are dozens of new candies and chocolates that attempt to entice trick-or-treaters each Halloween season, Harvey Nichols is proving that food products as ordinary as lemon curd can be packaged in a seasonally appropriate way.

With just a simple switch of a label, Harvey Nichols transforms basic lemon curd into the 'Thickest Human Snot' from Hoxton Street Monster Supplies. Considering that a child not fond of lemon curd might already make this association makes this product all the more humorous.

Even though it's described that the product comes from "free-range snivelling humans fed on a diet of milk and misery," the ingredient list is much less scary, featuring an assortment of natural coloring and familiar ingredients like milk, eggs, soya sugar and natural lemon oil.