Nendo Designed Three Iterations of the Cuckoo Clock for Lemnos

 - Jun 28, 2018
References: & dezeen
Japanese design label Nendo created three unique versions of the classic cuckoo clock for fellow Japanese brand Lemnos. Lemnos specializes in modernistic clocks that have minimalist designs. The three new iterations are a modern take on the traditional cuckoo clock rooted back to Germany's Black Forest. The usual wooden carvings and pendulums are not found -- instead, there are clean lines and simplistic white surfaces to remain minimalistic.

There are three clocks in total -- a cuckoo clock that also functions as a pair of bookends, as the face of the dial can split in two. The second clock boasts a Bavarian design with an unusual angular design that rests on its roof and takes on a tilted structure. The third clock has a dented accent on the side to look as if something is carved out to find a cuckoo bird peeking out.

Image Credit: Akihiro Yoshida