Flame Attachments By Billy McGill Allow For Firey Creations

 - Jun 8, 2009   Updated: Apr 4 2011
References: brothers-brick & gearfuse
Billy McGill has created a unique and morbid LEGO creation called the Fire Skull that has revealed his pyromaniac side.

The LEGO flame attachments provide instant heat and originality to dull LEGO models.

Put down your multi-coloured bricks and try to make something flashy with these fun LEGO flame attachments!

Implications - The recession and ensuing credit crunch gave designers and artists ample inspiration for their work. Dystopian themes ran rampant during this period, with macabre, apocalyptic cues present in nearly every form of creative expression. LEGO blocks experienced a revival as artists sought to channel childhood nostalgia, but even these innocent toys were soon subverted into expressions of angst and malaise.