Leather Animal Toys are for the Chic Child or the Youthful Adult

 - Apr 30, 2013
References: vacavaliente & designspotter
Created out of recycled leather scraps, the leather animal toys by Matias Fernandez Moores of Vacavaliente are impeccably chic and stylish.

Minimal features and origami crafting give this collection of animal playthings a very sophisticated appearance, something even the most discerning and picky of parents wouldn't mind having their children play with. More like sculptural artworks than toys, these critters feature strategic pockets and cutouts that are quite useful for storing all sorts of miscellaneous items. Long after the average child grows out of their stuffed animals, these toys will be sticking around because they are useful as decorative desk organizers, change holders and utensil storage.

Because they are made out of recycled materials, these leather animal toys are an excellent choice for those who strive to be environmentally friendly.