This Lavender Chamomile Latte Recipe Has Sleep Inducing Benefits

 - Feb 8, 2018
References: popsugar
For consumers who tend to enjoy indulgent treats, and who require natural sleep aids at night in order to aid in the process of falling and staying asleep, Lisa Barnet's Lavender Chamomile Latte is an excellent solution.

Brewing a herbal and non-caffeinated tea can promote a relaxing effect that allows you to fall asleep with ease, and this particular latte does just that. Its inclusion of chamomile and lavender offers sleep-inducing benefits that act as a mild tranquilizer, while reducing anxiety, restlessness, and emotional stress; and ultimately improving your sleep cycle.

The Lavender Chamomile Latte recipe includes frozen dried blueberries, dried chamomile flowers, dried lavender buds, and vanilla hemp milk, and is to be sweetened to consumers' specific preferences.