The Last Century Ladder Preserves a Time-Worn Item for Nostalgic Display

 - Mar 11, 2014
Antique items would last a great deal longer if they were to be treated like the Souvenir of the Last Century ladder. Studio Nucleo designer Piergiorgio Robino hoped to encapsulate such an item to prevent it from aging and deteriorating further, turning it into a museum-like relic with a tightly tailored display case.

This old wooden stepladder bears the scuffs, scratches, marks and knicks of a well-used piece of equipment. The timber's finish has soften over time and the object is completely covered in flaws that tell stories and give it character. The roughened texture of the rungs is no longer tangible, but the eyes can discern the blemishes through the transparency of the epoxy resin. I wonder if this coating is sufficiently strong to make the Souvenir of the Last Century ladder useable.