The Photonic Fence Laser Bug Zapper is Efficient for Home Owners

For those who spend a lot of time outdoors but hate getting bitten by bugs, The Photonic Fence Laser Bug Zapper could be a seamless solution.

Invented to prevent the spread of mosquito-transmitted diseased like malaria, this laser bug zapper is the most effective way of keeping bugs at bay. The machine is able to identify problem bugs (based on dimensions and wing beat) and zap only them. Once a bug is targeted, the machine will track its movements, ensure no human or animal is in the way, and zap the mosquito with a laser. The machine is so precise, it is able to differentiate between male and female mosquitoes.

This laser bug zapper is significant because the Photonic Fence could be placed outside of a malaria clinic or other strategic areas in order to prevent the spread of air-borne bacteria effectively and efficiently.